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Lisa Rasmussen

Lisa Rasmussen MFA is an award winning Artist and an acclaimed Arts & Healing Practitioner. Transformative Leader, Creative & Intuitive Life Coach. As well as a painter, educator, curator, art advocate, and animal rights advocate, who believes that art can change and heal the world. She has over 15 plus years of art and healing teaching/mentoring with Women and At-Risk Populations and has developed multiple Transformative Art (Arts and Healing) Programs and art exhibitions for At-Risk Teens and Elders. I hold an MFA in Arts and Consciousness in Holistic Studies Program from JFK University in Berkeley, California. A key conceptual element of her artistic process is the study of and travel to ancient cultures and sacred sites around the world.

She is the Founder of the Harmonia Institute, where art is a catalyst for empowerment and transformation. With her organization, Artemis Sacred Journeys, she leads women on Empowerment Art, Yoga and Sacred Site Retreats to Greece and Hawaii. She has also served as Executive Director and Co-Founder of Art 4 All People, an international Center for arts, healing, and consciousness in Malibu, California. She co-created the new arts and healing practices called YogART and Harmonia. She is also the Executive Director and Co-Founder of the non-profit “Art is Moving” and “Art Break Day With AIM”, Over the past decade Lisa and her Co-Founder Lauren have facilitated over 58,000 global Art Breaks.
Lisa’s Art is Life Mantra: “You Are Art, Everyone is Art, and Everything is Art True Art is when the Artist becomes the Art itself. You are the Creator of your own Creation. Art is Life, Life is Art.


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